"Starting out with a long slow burn, and channeling the type of deep language I am used to hearing from Josh Ritter - that truly American language of dusty roads, and wide open spaces, and hazy memory - Jacob McCoy stacks them deep, and stays true to a countrified Americana that feels big, heartfelt, and vital." -

"Hailing from Amarillo TX but now Nashville-based,  Jacob McCoy excels at cutting to the emotional core of his songs with concise lyrical elements, lilting guitar phrasing, heavenly pedal steel and piano, and a voice that balances grit and sweetness." - 

"If we were to have a patron saint here at Ear to the Ground, we would be hard-pressed to find someone more qualified than Jacob McCoy. His sound exemplifies us as a site. His vocals make us melt with all their Americana folk goodness, while his lyrics are incredibly memorable. Fans of troubadours like Ray LaMontagne and Noah Gundersen will undoubtedly love their new favorite singer songwriter. His recently released album is an absolute gem of undiscovered songwriting. We think you will agree." - 

"Jacob McCoy has a style that we love to listen to...The music he creates is simple and wholistic." -

"It feels like he's singing just for us. Try: listen to the headphones, with the volume loud enough, and close your eyes. Are you there? Music made with the heart, and for the heart, we are in full in our concept." - 


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